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Alexandria is the only library solution that does not force users to conform to our technology goals. In addition to a stand-alone system, Alexandria provides four other setup solutions giving you the opportunity to select the best model to meet your needs.

Solución Hospedada (sólo en EE.UU.)

Whether it is for one library or many, COMPanion will provide the hardware and technical expertise to update, maintain, and backup your Alexandria Library Software in our state-of-the art hosting center.

Catálogo Colectivo Centralizado

A Central Union Catalog holds different library collections in a single data file housed on a central server.

distributedunionlargeCatálogo Colectivo Distribuido

Distributed Union Catalog gives librarians in a group of libraries the ability to share resources yet still manage and control their own collections independently.


Alexandria Controller is both a librarian’s and an IT person’s dream. Each library has its own separate database, however, all databases are housed on one central server and are managed by the «Alexandria Controller» application.


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